Committed Security Guards in Smithtown NY

Platinum Protection Services has been working to protect and serve our community in Smithtown NY for many years. As the community grows, the security concerns evolve and our security services in Smithtown NY have evolved right along. Being one of the top-rated security companies in Smithtown NY, our goal is to work systematically with our clients and reduce the risks involved in any situation. As you know, not all security companies in Smithtown NY are created equal. That’s why we strive to make a difference by offering the highest level of customer satisfaction each time.

Our Team of Security Guards in Smithtown NY

Platinum Protection Services has licensed and insured security guards in Smithtown NY. All our guards undergo rigorous training to ensure they deliver the highest quality security services in Smithtown NY .Our guards work in schools, commercial office buildings, residential properties, and construction sites among other facilities. When you have our officers in your premise, be guarantees of the strictest standards of accountability. We also have highly experienced armed bodyguards in Smithtown NY to offer executive protection. We have off duty police officers as well as military veterans in our team.

Security companies in Smithtown NY

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What to expect from Platinum Protection Services?

You need to invest in security guard services in Smithtown NY that you can trust to protect your business and people from any losses. Our company guarantees a comprehensive security service that is matched to your needs. With the help of our reliable bodyguards, you can deter crime instead of dealing with the aftermath. Your safety and protection are important to us. We only make promises that we can deliver beyond your expectations. Whether your main concern is thieves and imposters invading your home or commercial property, we’re happy to discuss security solutions that would fit you best.

We offer security services in Smithtown for:

  • Reception/lobbies
  • Hotels/motels
  • Entry areas
  • Retail shopping centers and strip malls
  • Hospitals and medical facilities
  • Construction sites
  • Office buildings
  • Business parks
  • Banks and credit unions
  • Casinos
  • Research facilities
  • Manufacturing and industrial properties
  • Community centers


  • Apartments and condominiums
  • Gated neighborhoods/communities
  • Parking lots/garages
  • Equipment yards
  • Storage facilities
  • Schools and universities
  • Restaurants
  • Theaters
  • Movie sets
  • Concert and sports venues
  • Outdoor festivals
  • Special events
  • And more

Why choose our security guard services in Smithtown NY?

  • Our team is committed to serve you the best way possible
  • We are an owner-operated, veteran owned business with years of experience in the security industry
  • We are able to meet your needs in a fast and efficient manner, whether you need our guards for a temporary project, executive protection or on emergency
  • We have former law enforcement officers and military personnel in our team
  • We are bonded, insured and licensed
  • We’ve invested in proper technology and in-house training to ensure we remain on top of the game

If you’re unsure whether your current security systems will fully deliver in case of an emergency, we’re happy to come in and perform a thorough risk assessment. At Platinum Protection Services, we offer risk assessment as part of our security guard services in Smithtown NY. Being one of the most trusted security guard companies in Smithtown NY, you can have peace of mind knowing that we will put in place systems that address potential security threats.

Whatever your needs are, let one of the top-rated security guard companies in Smithtown NY serve you. Be assured that we’ll dispatch qualified officers to deter any type of criminal activity from taking place on your premise. We will discuss with you the different options you have to boost security and address your current challenges. Contact us today at 631-439-6841.